Prevention and dental hygiene are a pillar in the prevention of dental and soft tissue diseases. Regular preventive examinations at the dentist and dental hygienist are the essence of healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. However, the patient’s motivation for home care is no less important.

Our goal is not only to achieve a healthy state of the teeth, but only with the cooperation of the patient are we able to maintain this state.

Preventive inspection


During a preventive check-up, we can detect incipient problems in time, thus preventing pain and complications. Part of the preventive examination should not only be a check of the hard dental tissues, but also of the gums and mucous membranes and the overall condition of the oral cavity.

How is it going?

The basis of every preventive examination is a high-quality magnifying technique – magnifying glasses, with which we can see incipient pathologies invisible to the naked eye.

In addition, bite-wing images, which depict the interdental spaces and reveal hidden interdental caries, are also an essential helper. BTW pictures should be taken at every preventive check-up, even for children from about 5 years of age. The X-ray examination can be supplemented with a small intraoral X-ray. It targets individual teeth and with it we can read, for example, inflammation under the root of the teeth or the quality of root canal treatment.

An orthopanoramic (OPG) image is usually taken during the initial examination and is also covered by the insurance company once every 2 years. It is an overview X-ray image from which we read the overall condition and position of the teeth (in the OPG image of children, we also check whether the germs of the permanent teeth are properly established), the condition of the jaw joints, jaw cavities, an overview of the bone condition and suspicious pathological findings such as cysts, tumors, fractures, etc.

How often?

Preventive check-ups are covered by insurance for children once every six months, for adults only once a year, but the frequency should be determined by the dentist. In the case of a higher risk of caries, it is desirable to visit every six months, for patients with active periodontitis, the frequency of check-ups and visits can rise to once every 1-2 months.

Dental hygiene


The dental hygienist and the dentist are a well-coordinated team that creates a customized treatment plan for each patient. The hygienist regularly checks and corrects the patient’s teeth cleaning technique, chooses the appropriate size of interdental appliances, shows which places need to be cleaned better, re-motivates the patient and leads to home dental care. During the treatment, it gently removes tartar, plaque and pigmentation, thereby supporting the overall health of the oral cavity and relieving it of inflammation, helping to fight periodontitis. We should not delay the first visit to dental hygiene for child patient, as we accustom him to the dental environment and create a positive relationship with dental care. The price for DH at our clinic starts from 800 CZK for children’s and from 2000 CZK for adult dental hygiene.