Indirect prosthetic works are replacements (parts) of teeth that are made for us by a laboratory outside the patient’s mouth. We then attach these works to the teeth in the clinic.

Dent11 is trying to follow the path of modernization and digitization of dentistry in the 21st century. century, so we switched to purely digital scanning of the oral cavity, which eliminates the unpleasant impression for the patient with silicone materials, and with it, for example, the associated gag reflex. Within a second, the scanned 3D impression is transferred to the laboratory, where the laboratory technician and I are able to immediately and quickly consult any ambiguities so that the resulting work is perfect.

There are cases when an ordinary photocomposite filling is no longer mechanically sufficient for us, and the tooth must be covered and strengthened with a ceramic half/crown. We encounter this condition in teeth with extensive destruction of hard dental tissues, most often by caries or trauma, or in teeth after endodontic treatment (the tooth is weakened and fragile).

The crown forms a shell around the stump of the tooth, covers it all the way around, binds it and evenly distributes the pressure. This way we avoid the risk of fracture of the entire tooth. The best material today is pure ceramic, which meets the requirements of high mechanical strength and aesthetic appearance. Laboratory technicians can layer and color the crown so perfectly that it is almost indistinguishable from your own tooth.

Aesthetic veneers can be thought of as thin ceramic shells that are cemented (glued?) only from the front side of the teeth. We approach them as an aesthetic solution for correcting minor tooth shape and color features (most often the front teeth visible when smiling), when even orthodontic treatment and teeth whitening did not bring the desired effect to the patient.

Today, teeth whitening is the simplest and most widespread aesthetic procedure in the dental office. We do not mechanically interfere with the tooth at all, the deep whitening of the hard tissues of the tooth occurs with the help of chemical processes of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. For home whitening, individual carriers are made into which the whitening gel is applied at night. However, the best and most lasting results are obtained with combined whitening, when the home phase is followed by an additional office finishing in one visit. The entire process should take place only under the control of an expert – dental hygienist or dentist. We can only whiten healthy teeth without active caries or gingivitis. We use the Pure Whitening system for whitening and the price starts from CZK 8,000.

Patients with extensive dental damage, loss of bite height, grinding and clenching of the teeth, we are able to comprehensively rehabilitate the state of the teeth functionally and aesthetically with the help of direct (photocomposite additions) and indirect (half/crowns, veneers) prosthetic works. This is preceded by a detailed digital analysis of static and dynamic chewing movements and jaw positions in cooperation with our laboratory. The last stage is the making of the so-called night guards – silicone protectors for the teeth, so that there is no further damage to the teeth or joint due to clenching and grinding.