Some information regarding the reimbursement of individual procedures in our facility. Our clinic has contracts with all major insurance companies. What does it actually mean for you? The fact that you do not have to pay for procedures out of your own wallet, but your health insurance is applied. It mainly concerns the initial examination including registration, regular preventive examinations, which are covered by health insurance companies twice a year, as well as a complete X-ray examination, including a panoramic X-ray, which will be carried out for you directly in our clinic. We will also take into account the allowance for prosthetic work – crowns, bridges, sensing replacements. Last but not least is the administration of local anesthesia before the procedure itself.
The prices of individual procedures – that is, the direct payments that will be charged to you – are based on a complex calculation that takes into account a large number of factors. One can mention, for example, the use of the most modern equipment, top devices, the latest materials available on the dental market. We reserve a sufficient amount of time for each patient, we approach the treatment with maximum responsibility and care, which also corresponds to the time the patient spends in the office.

Our greatest effort is the satisfaction of you and your children, for whom we always have enough patience, a reward or even a fairytale that we show them during the treatment.

Care that leads to long-term preservation or high-quality tooth replacement is only partially covered by health insurance companies. Thus, when using superior materials and procedures, the payment is mainly on the patient’s side. Your attending physician will give you detailed information on the prices before starting the treatment. If you are interested, he will discuss the overall price and time schedule of the treatment with you.

Procedure price list

Initial examination paid for by ZP
Preventive inspection paid for by ZP
Digital X-ray paid for by ZP
Consultation 1.000,-
Photocomposite filling - permanent tooth 3.500,-to 5.700,- according to the extent of filling
All-ceramic crown from 13.000,-
Photocomposite filling - temporary tooth 1,500 to 3,500
Endodontic treatment from 6,500,-
Reendodontic treatment under the microscope from 9,500,-
Premedication before surgery in children (Midazolam) from 1,925,-
Treatment in Entonox from 1,925,-
Home whitening 5.500,-
Combined whitening 8.500,-
Dental Hygiene Entrance 2.100,-
Children's Dental Hygiene 1225,-


If you cancel the treatment appointment less than 48 hours in advance, you will be fined for time loss according to the current price list.