Our priority is to preserve the tooth in the mouth and a minimally invasive approach to the hard dental tissues.

The first step is a consultation and diagnosis. The patient communicates what troubles him, what his ideas and expectations are. The dentist will then examine it in detail using modern technologies, high-quality magnifying equipment (magnifying glasses, dental microscope) and X-ray images. We examine each tooth and examine its vitality and periodontal status in detail. Based on the examination and diagnosis, we then create a customized treatment plan for each patient, taking into account the patient’s overall dental condition and previous treatment.

We offer an above-standard approach even for timid adult patients – we can alleviate fear and stress before treatment by administering benzodiazepine-based drugs, or by inhalation using paradise gas.

A painless approach using various types of local anesthesia is a matter of course for us. In addition to traditional injection anesthesia, we also administer mucosal anesthesia, which in the form of a gel or spray numbs the site of the future injection, so the administration of injection anesthesia is almost painless.

Dental fillings

“White filling” can rehabilitate the tooth not only functionally, but can also correct minor aesthetic defects of the tooth. We use state-of-the-art adhesive systems and photocomposite materials, thanks to which we can afford a minimally invasive and gentle preparation of dental tissues, thus replacing small to medium-sized defects.

Photocomposite materials are demanding in terms of technological discipline. In order to have a dry field contaminated with saliva and blood, we use a special cofferdam membrane.

We make photocomposite fillings for permanent as well as temporary teeth.

The prices of photocomposite fillings range from 2,200 to 4,500 CZK.

Endodontic treatment (root canal treatment)


Endodontic treatment of a tooth is performed in case of irreversible inflammation of the nerve of the tooth, or when it dies and a subsequent infection in the bone under the roots. As a rule, this most often happens with extensive caries affecting the nerve. The inflammation is initially manifested by sensitivity to warm and cold stimuli, it can hurt when bitten, tapped or spontaneously, in later cases it develops into a permanent severe pain that cannot be relieved by analgesics.

In order for the tooth to continue to perform its function in the oral cavity, we must rid it of inflammation and infection. Successful root canal treatment requires high-quality magnifying optics – a dental microscope. The entire procedure takes place under local anesthesia and in a membrane that isolates the tooth from the oral cavity to prevent further contamination of the root canals. The entire procedure is therefore painless and extremely comfortable for the patient.

Endodontic treatment consists in opening the pulp cavity of the tooth, finding entrances to the root canals. These are then perfectly chemically and mechanically processed and disinfected (known in layman’s terms as “cleaning and pulling the nerves out of the tooth”). The entire root system is then hermetically sealed.

However, a tooth processed in this way is fragile and if it was significantly destroyed before the treatment, after the endodontic treatment the tooth must be completed with a half/crown to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

The price of endodontic treatment depends on the number of root canals of the tooth, at our clinic from 7,000 CZK.