Prevention of tooth decay in children begins before they are born. The importance of caring for children’s temporary teeth is explained to the expectant mother. The first visit to the dentist is extremely important for a small patient, and it should be done best after the first tooth has erupted. The first visits build a positive relationship with the dentist, we introduce the patient to a new environment and show him that he can feel safe in the dentist’s office, without stress and pain.

Parents are also given nutritional advice to prevent tooth decay, the dentist monitors the proper development of the teeth and jaws and tries to prevent orthodontic anomalies by early elimination of bad habits (sucking a pacifier, thumb, biting nails or pencils, etc.). We emphasize to parents the importance of a temporary tooth in the dentition. Premature tooth loss risks orthodontic anomalies, improper jaw development, speech and articulation difficulties.

Timid, non-cooperative patients who come to us with already formed non-acute caries usually undergo the so-called the adaptation phase, during which they get to know the environment and the dentist in several visits. We emphasize patience, gentleness and understanding of the little patient. We try to make his visit as pleasant as possible every time with a fairy tale and explaining and showing future examination and treatment. However, if even this phase is not successful, we can resort to mildly anxious patients to the so-called conscious sedation – for this we use Entonox (inhaled paradise gas – nitrous oxide) or as a premedication substance based on benzodiazepines. Price from 1500 CZK.


What do we deal with at our clinic?

Dental caries prophylaxis

With fluoridation, we support the resistance of the enamel through the local application of lacquers and gels with a high concentration of fluorides. For at-risk patients, whose teeth we find anatomically very deep grooves, where food sticks and is more difficult to clean, we can proceed to so-called sealing, where the grooves are sealed with a special material and thus facilitate cleaning.

Performances related to the removal of caries and the preservation of children’s teeth in the oral cavity

We make “white fillings” fillings for children’s teeth in the same way as for adult patients. We use modern adhesive systems and photocomposite fillings. The price of a photocomposite filling starts at 1,500 CZK.

Pulpotomy is the treatment of deep caries while preserving the vitality of the tooth. In the case of deep caries extending into the pulp of the tooth, we can remove this infected part of the nerve in the crown of the tooth in an asymptomatic patient and fill it with a special bioactive filling. The remaining parts of the nerve in the roots of the tooth remain alive.

In case of nerve death or irreversible inflammation, we can save the tooth by treating root canals (endodontic treatment/pulpectomy). The root canals are cleaned throughout the process and filled, so they serve in the oral cavity until they are replaced by a permanent successor.

Children’s injuries with the loss of part or all of a tooth

Gentle extraction of temporary permanent teeth

A painless and atraumatic approach is a matter of course. In addition to injectable local anesthesia, we also use superficial mucosal anesthesia, which numbs the future injection site, so the patient hardly feels the application of injection anesthesia.